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Don't Worry About My Death By admin On 2014-01-26

One Day I'll Stop Breathing

And My Soul Will Start Screaming

as it escapes My Mortal Body

My Fears Become Reality

The questions of what happens when we die

are quickly answered

Walking Through The Dark Tunnel

in Search of a Heavenly Bright Light

Exiting the Darkness of The Night

In God's eyes we will be Saved

At the gate you meet your Father, Uncle and True Love

People You've met and others you Dreamed of

They Assure you Death isn't the End

You are now free to Enter a New Life

but you miss all the people you left behind

Who now grieve at your Gravestone

Don't let their sorrow affect you

For they don not see that you are alright

They will one day learn that you were Happy

When you join them at the Gates Of Heaven

WHITE RED HEAT By admin On 2014-01-25

A knife in my gut

    Removal of Pain

  Everything Bleeds Away

    Empty No More

    Trapped in an Avalanche of flattened emotions

Suffocating Last Breathes

I Gasp for air

I fall underground

and will cease to speak and breathe

White Bright Lights

Quietly turn to a Red Dark Spotlight of furious heat

I Melt into Liquid Flesh

Total Decay in Days

Without a Soul

A Body is Empty

Without a Mind

a Rationale is DEAD

one passion By admin On 2014-01-26
One Passion
March 23, 2003

Come with me on this voyage of desire

Traveling to a far and distant sea

Its how I always imagined it to be

You listen, as my heart sings its choir

My veins are racing like a wildfire

When were together I feel so free

You are the holder of the master key

Each day with you the more that I admire


But I still remain alone with my dead eye

Trapped in passion just wanting to explode

Lost in this wilderness of pain unseen

Climbing in and out of this painful sty

Each day gets harder on this morbid road

I venture on and may be forgotten...

Steps of Life By admin On 2014-01-26


The place I imagined it to be 
 My final hour draws near 
 A few more steps I'll be there 

 Mysteries of the after-life 
 This way to destiny 
 I wish this moment could last 
 Will I get lost forever? 

 I know.......... I'll make it 
 My veins become cosmically fueled 
 Untrapping my mind of despair 
 Sanctity never supressed 

 The choir sings its sweet song 
 Enlightenment, a brand new day 
 Will I ever see what was once there 
 Pondering what was left behind 

With each turn more exertion 
Winds & Waves twisting my body 
My flesh is painless 
I ascend into the Light

Alan Brofka
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